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Happy New Year – We’ll See you in 2018

See you in 2018!

You gave us the opportunity to put something special in your 2017 events. We are grateful for each opportunity.

Each dollar earned was faithfully put towards expanding our capabilities and growing our inventory to meet your needs in 2018 and beyond.

Take a look back at the attached 2017 video edition of our inventory additions.

We’re glad to be doing business with you! In 2018, we’ll remain grateful and faithful, as We Put the SPECIAL in Special Events.

New Video Small
2017 video addition of our inventory additions
Dinnerware Rental Options

Dinnerware Rental Options

We Put the SPECIAL in Special Events with our dinnerware rental options. Take a look at the link below.

Dinnerware Rental Options

How to Save Venue Money

How to Save Venue Money


When it comes to saving venue money, there is no place like home.  Your office or home turf is a wonderful venue to sell and entertain clients. It can be transformed in ways you may not initially imagine.

If an office or home turf transformation is not your vision, then consider other low cost public building options.  Good options include:

  • Fire company banquet halls
  • community centers
  • libraries
  • churches
  • schools and community colleges

The venue availability and rental rates vary by entity.

VFW, Elks, Knights of Columbus or other civic groups may offer their event space for rental.

Let us not forget the great outdoors as an event venue. Perhaps it is the backyard of a private residence, a public flower garden or park that excites you.

In my  blog – How to Creatively Control Your Party Expenses – you’ll learn that planning and flexibility, yields the greatest percent off discounts.  Pay close attention to the amenities and unique features offered by your chosen venue. Try to emphasize them in your event plans.

Your home, office or outdoor venue may be transformed via the services of event planners, decorators and party rental service providers. Choose either of these venues and you’ll certainly take a large bite out of your event budget.

If end-to-end event savings are what’s needed, then contact an available event manager. I like The Party ReduX in Pottstown.

The Party Redux Rental Product Catalog

Edition One of The Party Redux Rental Product Catalog is now available. You can download the PDF file using the link below.

The Party Redux Product Catalog 2017

How to Creatively Control Your Party Expenses

How to Creatively Control Your Party Expenses


Your New Year’s resolution to save money is in plain sight on the refrigerator.

Your football pool off-season has begun.

You now have time and energy to think creatively about your 2017 anniversary, wedding reception, or graduation party. Controlling your expenses is key. Right?

Well, by planning and staying flexible, the opportunity to capture the greatest percent off discounts can come under these circumstances.

For example, think creatively about your wedding reception:


  • off-season (plan your nuptial January through March rather than the peak May-June or Oct-Nov periods)


  • off-time (a Sunday reception rather than the $$prime Friday and Saturday time slots)


  • off-prime locales (look at venues on the urban edge or new to market, rather than stand in the long lead-time line for the $$$hot venue)

This same creative thought process can be applied to your anniversary, graduation, baby shower, product launch, etc. event.




P.S. Need more creative ideas to control your party expenses? CALL ME NOW 484-949-4160. Let’s see how we can collaborate creatively.

Engagement Party? Y.E.S.

Engagement Party? Y.E.S.

WOW! What a marriage proposal. Time to tell everyone, and particularly your family about your engagement.

Should you change your Facebook status? YES! Tweet it, Snapchat and send an Instagram? YES!

Should we throw an engagement party? YES!

Why? Simply because some messages are best delivered in person. Get your hugs and hand out the tissues for those tears of joy. Hand out the champagne bubbles and get those high fives…in person.

In planning the engagement party, do you contact Your Event Specialist? Y.E.S.

In a previous blog, I’ve advised engaged couples to utilize the services of an event and rental specialist.  You can take advantage of a wider array of event resources, rentals and have access to the latest trends. You can take the guess work out of what works and what does not.

If you need professional event help, then first seek family referrals. Secondly, go online and see what other couples have said in the reviews. Finally, deliver your needs in person or call a choice event and party rental specialist.

Engagement Party? Y.E.S.!


The Party ReduX Showcase


P.S. Call Jeff Now -484-949-4160 J

Elopement Party

Elopement Party

After talking marriage for months, you decided to just do it and eloped. Elopement! Now that you’re back in town, its time to face the music, with family and friends.


Want to make it special and memorable? Then plan your elopement reception party on Newlywed day 100.  It’s great to party with your new in-laws, your pals and to show off that ring! What a great way to celebrate your marriage, while creating those close connections.  You’ll depend upon those connections for years to come

If you’ll pull together the guest list , then we can help you with the rest. How about a low cost, hassle free, 100 person elopement reception party package. We’ll pull together:

  • a decorated venue
  • a fine meal and
  • four hours of music from your very own playlist.

The Party ReduX can help make your next special day a reality. CALL 484-949-4160 NOW to get started.

We Put The SPECIAL in Your Special Event!

Talent to Meet the Palate

Talent to Meet the Palate


Over breakfast with a friend who caters, we discussed bride & groom-to-be decisions concerning food. He shared a thought in a very interesting way. Namely, that caterers must have the “talent to meet the palate”.

In an age on online searches, it’s sometime difficult for a busy couple to find additional time for caterer meetings. Yet this meeting can be essential for assessing the talent of a caterer. It’s not just their experience, but their experience gained preparing the food you particularly desire. For example, it might be Italian or American, but is it southern when you desire northern flair.

The meeting, coupled with a tasting could reveal the caterers experience in meeting your needs. Additionally, your palates’ response might reveal the unexpected. That their food isn’t what you thought you wanted, BUT its’ something new and exciting. The palate is a very distinctive, individual thing. But so too is your desire for the wedding food of your dreams. In doing so, the caterers must indeed have the talent to meet your palate.





P.S. Give me a call at 484-949-4160. In addition to event management and affordable

wedding rentals, I know a few caterers, who just might have the talent to meet your palate J


A Greenery Light on Color for 2017

A Greenery Light on Color for 2017

Throughout 2016 Pantone’s Color of the Year was a duo (first time) of Rose Quartz and Serenity. It was noted as a ” Calming Palette” which emphasized pastels. The 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery, a broader color regiment.

The 2016 wedding couples surveyed by The Wedding Report gave credence to having the blues, including the Patone pastel Serenity. The color psychology of the blues, encompasses:

  • better one-to-one communication
  • trust and loyalty
  • wisdom and faith
  • confidence and intelligence

Those same survey couples gave the exact level of credence to the greens, which perhaps foretold the Pantone Greenery choice. Interestingly, the color psychology of the greens, encompasses:

  • life, rebirth, fertility
  • growth and renewal
  • nature of energy and harmony
  • money and finance

So for you new brides-to-be let me first say Happy New Year! Feel free to have faith in the wisdom, confidence and intelligence of those who preceded you. There is a greenery light on color in 2017!

Pottstown Carousel Opens for Large Events

Pottstown Carousel Opens for Large Events

This past weekend, the Pottstown Carousel was transformed for a large birthday event. The Party ReduX did this transformation and will be working with this new venue going forward. If you’re looking for a unique venue for your event, contact us for a referral.

New Event Venue Update

New Event Venue Update

The planned exterior improvements to the cornice of the FAM Stritcter Lodge is nearing completion. This paves the way for venue rentals this summer and fall.

Here’s some interior pictures for those who missed our earlier post.

New Event Venue for Pottstown, PA

There is new event venue opening to the public in Greater  Pottstown!

The Party ReduX * brand is proud to announce that The Sell 1st Agency*, our sister brand, has contracted as exclusive venue marketing resource for F.A.M. Stichter Lodge #254 at 20 North Franklin Street. If you have an event sometime during the remainder of 2015, please call 484-949-4160 to be among the first to rent this outstanding example of Neo- classical revival architecture.

It has three floors, which include a ~1800 square foot theater/ballroom with exquiste chandelier, three separate lodge rooms, elaborate ante-rooms and oak-paneled library/members room.



The imposing main entrance is set on a high basement containing ~2900 square feet banquet/meeting room (adjacent semi-commercial kitchen), with a flat roof hidden by a shaped parapet. Dominating the facade is a modestly projecting pavillion composed of two giant iconic columns in supporting an architrave. A large cascade of steps lead up to the main level.


The main lobby is remarkable for its styling and green terrazzo tile flooring. this leads via two sets of doors to the large library, where event goers can relax, talk and play pool.




The second floor contains the large Main Lodge room, which is used for meetings and other large events, and features neo-classical furniture and furnishings.

Call 484-949-4160 to schedule a viewing and plan your 2015 special occasion.

* The Party ReduX and The Sell 1st Agency are brands of Jeffery Jackson Enterprises, Inc

Call The Party ReduX – 484-949-4160
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