August 2014 - The Party ReduX

Reliability AND Durability in Party Rentals

How do the key party rental industry players, who are known for their reliability and durability, stumble and fall? Some have suggested far-sightedness, having lost their near-sight ability to see, understand and act on behalf of the local customer. Others may suggest, their financial gaming for growth, such as unrealistic pricing to get volume, undermined their key qualities of reliability and durability. In the end, the customers’ 3D needs moved away from their 2D business model.

Into the picture comes a vendor, who can see, understand and act on this generation of customer wants. Where their 2D business mantra, “Meet Customer Needs, Systematically, at a Profit”, achieves 3D at the point of getting to Y.E.S. (Your Event Specialist) and when “We Put the SPECIAL in Special Events!” For this vendor, the qualities of reliability and durability are renewed and made relevant again.  Why? Here is the Top 10 breakdown:


  1. Dependability you can count on
  2. Consistency  based upon frequent customer collaboration and reinforcement
  3. Steadfastness acting as your mentor during the stay on budget/cost phases
  4. Trustworthiness you experience through greater transparency
  5. Unswerving responses, with a sense of immediacy and urgency in communication
  6. Unfailing focus on your needs and wants, your gratification


  1. Able to perform and compete over long periods and distances , enabled by Mobile applications
  2. Endurance which thrives on multitasking
  3. Staying power via the internet and Social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, always on and present everywhere
  4. Enabling your stick-to-itiveness, when you want to be more independent and seek out viable ways to contribute to your own interest


When you can get this quality combination of reliability and durability focused on your needs, who are you going to engage …TODAY? Let me suggest you surf, contact us at (e-mail), and call us at 484-949-4160 for an appointment, before stopping by 205 E. High Street, Pottstown, PA 19464.

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