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Opportunity Available for Emerging Off-Premise Caterers

Have you finished culinary school but have not landed your syndicated cooking show? It’s 2014! Time to start your dream journey. The next stage may be as an independent contractor in the Brassbull Catering Network.

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Here is your seat at the table that you need to take your independent catering services to the next level.


It’s been said that new innovative ideas require old buildings or warehouses. The Brassbull Catering Network has a shared workspace opening for a brash, emergent caterer in an old bank building on High Street. Not a job, but an opportunity to build your business in a safe haven.

We’ve made the office equipment, information technology and telecommunication investments that you don’t have to make. All this was created just so you can continue to focus on your business growth.

There’s more. If you like to decorate as much as you cater parties or weddings, then you’re in luck. We’re building an in-house party décor and catering inventory, as a commission-based boost to your income potential.

If you see yourself as an emerging off-premise caterer and can picture yourself in that seat, email me at thepartyredux@gmail.com. Together, we may bring innovative ideas out of an old building to new clients.

    2014 WeddingWire World Tour 2014 WeddingWire World Tour 2014 WeddingWire World Tour 2014 WeddingWire World Tour 2014 WeddingWire World Tour 2014 WeddingWire World Tour

2014 WeddingWire World Tour

When it’s time to get immersed in your industry, where do you go? Where do you go to sharpen your skills and gain new ideas?


For me it was on the WeddingWire World Tour. The 2014 event I attended was in Washington DC after Fathers Day. This all day event refueled my interest in serving the wedding market, introduced me to some of the current industry thought leaders, and I found a treasure of ideas I can adopt for my business.


I also got to meet some of the leadership team at WeddingWire, my choice of the bridal portal and destination for brides and grooms- to-be. Of particular value was meeting my aligned WeddingWire account manager. She and I reviewed my storefront, advertizing and actionable business tools, that I’ll put in place to make your customer experience exceptional. Some examples are “contact us” and “make an appointment” buttons on every page of my website. Also I’ve added “customer reviews” on every website page.


It was great to meet, discuss, and live the dream with other wedding industry participants. I was thrilled by the networking opportunities. As a group they were focused to learn and shared experience and insights with me. The foundations for long term relationships and shared resources were set in place. These new resources will be further developed for my clients and partners.


I can’t wait to bring some real thought leadership back from our nation’s capital, into our area in general, and the local wedding marketplace in particular. I benefitted from the 2014 WeddingWire World Tour and my clients will too, during our engagements.


Visit The Party ReduX online storefront on WeddingWire.com, my website—www.thepartyredux.com—or my physical showcase at 205 east high street in Pottstown. Let me know what you think about the enhancements resulting from my WeddingWire World Tour.



You’ve either heard it from others or said it yourself. This has become a more common response when things just don’t add up in our minds or align with our expectations. Perhaps you’ve even said it to yourself…thoughtfully.  
Let’s say that you’ve thought seriously about a major upcoming life event, for example, a key birthday, marriage or a milestone anniversary. In either example, it’s one for which you’ve considered several ideas or possible paths.
Upon mental reflection, you’ve looked back in time to see the steps taken and paths followed by those who came before you. Some may have managed everything for themselves and purchased all the resources needed. Others may have sought outside help and rented everything they need. Perhaps you intend follow them, make a few alterations or even to blaze a new and unique path.
It’s your life event! Consider this.  There are many potential service providers out there. A few of them can actually help you. You can get things done simpler, safer, speedier, and with great self confidence, via a service commitment with the right event manager, with the right experience and resources.
We invite you to take a look at The Party ReduX Showcase. Read what others say about us. Call 484-949-4160 for an appointment. Seriously!
Call The Party ReduX – 484-949-4160
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