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Save Event Cost Choose Your Office or Outdoor Venues

When it comes to saving money on an event venue, the old Wizard of Oz saying is true, there is no place like home.  Your office or home turf is a wonderful place to sell and/or entertain clients, and with some help, it can be transformed in ways you may not initially imagine.


However, if an office or home turf transformation is not your vision, then other low cost public building options include volunteer fire company banquet halls, local community centers, libraries, churches, schools and community colleges. The venue availability and rental rates vary by entity.


Additionally, there are private building options, such as VFW, Elks. Knights of Columbus or other civic groups who may offer their private property and event space for rental.


Let us not forget the great outdoors as an event venue. Perhaps it is the backyard of a private residence, a public flower garden or park that excites you.


In my  previous article – #1 Be Creative -You learned to pay close attention to the amenities offered by the chosen venue. Some may offer banquet catering, tables and chairs, while others may only offer a blank space.


Regardless, your office or small or outdoor venue may be transformed via the services of event planners, decorators and party rental service providers.

Choose either of these venues and you’ll certainly take a large bite out of your event budget.


If end-to-end event savings are what’s needed, then contact an available event planner. I like The Party ReduX in Pottstown. Tell them that Jeff sent



Small business helps marriage grow

From event planning to rentals to consignment, there isn’t much that The Party ReduX can’t do for brides-to-be

In early 2011, after throwing a memorable birthday party for his current fiancé, Jeff Jackson started thinking about the concept of a business that offered party planning, decorating services and rentals to the public and businesses as a small business. He thought that freelance party planners, chefs, designers, musicians, entertainers and other experienced workers could offer services to businesses and the consuming public who couldn’t justify hiring several persons for the events and parties they wanted to be done.

“I kept reading research about how people say, we need all inclusive offerings or we want to DIY, but we sure could use some help” Jackson said.

After investigating the idea, business incorporation, and leasing showroom-warehouse space, in May 2011 he decided to invest in it. As his first branded idea, The Party ReduX,  began with the aid of his daughter working in conjunction with other event professionals. Jackson has 30 years of experience in business, and is professionally certified in sales and marketing.

As news of the business spreads, he’s started to hear from people who feel their services would be a good addition. Today, the business is made up of an additional two brands, including The Brassbull Catering Network and the Talking Trumpeter Entertainment Bureau that offers an ever increasing array of services.

“We want to be as inclusive as possible,” Jackson said.

The Party ReduX creates special events for clients who often can’t afford to hire and then manage team of independent purveyors or Divas. Under his three brands, Jackson says “We Put the SPECIAL in Special Events”.

“My heart is really in the home based or freelance small businesses community,” he said. “What better way than this to help them?”

JJEI is available for one-time events or on an ongoing basis, tailored for what each individual business needs. Team members are experienced, proficient in their fields and educated, Jackson said. He is being particular in who is added to the team. “Together  we have momentum and know what we’re doing.”

When it comes to planning and executing a wedding Brides-to Be………..do what they do for love, Jackson  said, not because they enjoy the day-to-day chores of running a event planning operation, and the business works to help anyone from BRIDES-to- Be to small businesses succeed in an economical and efficient way.

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