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Millennials Embrace DIY Event Planning

Millennial’s, those between 17-34 years old, are a part of a major consuming group that is 77.5 million strong, with up to $2Billion in spending influence. They have matured during the social age of personal gratification — instantly.


Businesses serving Millennials, such as Jeffery Jackson Enterprises Inc.

(JJEI), realize that being personal and instantaneous with our product or service fulfillment can be a challenge. To help meet this expectation, our quotes are unique to our clients and include options that are within their budget and event preferences. This will help them to see right away what we can do for their special event that is exclusive to them. It also underscores that We Put the SPECIAL in Special Events.


In an article by Katie Effering entitled, “Why and How to Market Your Small Business to 77.5 Million Millennials,” it is noted they crave customized products and unique offerings that let them express themselves. At JJEI, we certainly do see that some special event planners value exclusivity when shopping for products or services. For a B2C special event example, consider that with the cost of a 2012 wedding reaching an average of $25,656.00, brides control real spending power and she doesn’t want the same exact items every other bride has used.


A further look into this B2C example also reveals a Millennial bent for Do IT You. Six out of ten Brides agree that anything you do yourself, either to save money, to make it more personal, or because you can’t find anyone else to do it. These brides define the DIY experience. Recent research suggests that just fewer than 25 percent of 2012 wedding could be considered the DIY type; as they sought to save money, include a personal or sentimental item, or feature some custom creation.


JJEI under its’ brands including; the Best Party Stars for event/wedding planners, The Party ReduX for wedding décor rentals, Talking Trumpeter Entertainment and The Brassbull Catering Network, cater to the expectations and demands of couples planning their big day or businesses executing event marketing strategies. To do this well and satisfy the instant gratification and DIY expectations of our Millennial consumer, we must be creative.


Need more examples? Picture this, a couple needing wedding décor for a party of 100 “last minute” comes to us for instant fulfillment and walks out the door happy about how the décor makes their wedding fabulous. Picture this, at noon a local salon calls in need of several tables, chairs and linen delivered by 5:00 p.m. for an on-premise hair expo for 25 patrons at 6:00 p.m. that day, and she is thrilled to see an on time delivery. In both examples, they got what was wanted within budget.


There have been other ways we’ve helped our Millennial clients by instantly fulfilling their orders. If you are a Millennial customer with an event dream beyond cookie cutter, and/or a bent towards DIY, call the Best Party Stars of Jeffery Jackson Enterprises Inc at 484.948.3280 for an appointment to visit our showcase at 205 East High Street, Pottstown, PA 19464 or call

484.949.4160 if it is last minute.

A Chef’s Special

At The Party ReduX Showcase,

We Put the SPECIAL in Special Events!

Read on as our associate Paulette Strand discusses this very issue, as a Chef.

Jeffery Jackson Enterprises Inc

205 East High Street, Pottstown, PA 19464 484-949-4160


“A special satisfaction comes to a chef when their hard work and creativity in the kitchen is appreciated. As a professional you always want to please your clients, after all your name and reputation is on the line. The degree of elegance or simplicity will be determined by the clientele you choose to service. Whether you are the sole owner or working for a hotel or casino where large parties are common you can’t afford to loose the passion or professionalism of your craft.

For the chef to put the SPECIAL in any event, the food has to multitask. Whatever is being served must be pleasing to all the senses. We have all seen or heard comments through the years on different occasions. Someone may ask who the chef or caterer is so they can obtain their services or make sure they never hire them. Word of mouth from a satisfied guest is worth more than a printed ad.

Today’s chef is challenged by high-tech equipment, more availability and varieties of food and an increasing sophistication of health-conscious consumers. Standard preparation methods must be changed to accommodate and produce new taste preferences.

  • When possible know what your client likes or dislikes

o   Everyone doesn’t love garlic, chili peppers or curry.

  • Give your finished dish an honest evaluation

o   Check flavor, aroma, garnishing, color, textures. A sauce can make or break the entire presentation!

  • Pay attention to details

o   The sauce for the hot wings is just as important as the jus de veau for your sauce chateaubriand!

  • Stay informed of new ideas and trends in the industry
  • Mise en place…from beginning to the end


People may say “It’s all in the presentation.” but this will not hold true for the chef that wants that special event to also be unforgettable. The whole package includes on time, correct temperature, appropriate quantities, flavor, color, aroma and layered textures prepared from the freshest ingredients presented with an artistic flair that may range from simple, to understated elegance to outrageous.”


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